Monday, December 5, 2011

Guys, I Did Something I Shouldn't Have

        A few weeks ago I was offered to work in Logan Airport with my friend for a 12 hour shift.  Being the poor college kid I am, I was all over it.  I had multiple cups of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts and feeling all mature and all, I for some reason decided to get a healthy option.
Egg White Veggie   
      These are under 300 calories, but if I've said it once, I've said it a million times, college is a great time to get fat.  So no, I cannot explain why I chose an Egg White Veggie from Dunks.  The 'egg' was burnt along the edges, the bread was crunchy not toasted and the cheese was just bad.  There is another option to get sausage in the egg and I'm sure it would make this sandwich better, but not save it.
      All and all, I let myself down by not getting a fat sausage, egg and cheese on an everything bagel and would not recommend this to anyone.  If your on a diet, just don't go to Dunks.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Couldn't Be More Confused

This is Method Mans latest song for the new Sour Patch Campaign.  Don't get me wrong, Method Man is easily one of the best members of the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the best rap groups ever.   However, am I the only one who watched this in complete confusion.  Like wasn't Method Man singing about Protectin Your Neck like ten years ago, and now he has sold out for Sour Patch?  I guess Cash does Rule Everything Around Meth.

Neverthless...anyone have any Sour Patch I can have, because these treat just got 10x cooler.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heinz New Ketchup Packet: There is a God

       For those who didn't know September is National Potato Month, so why not wined down the month with a story on potatoes best friend, ketchup.  I am a huge french fry fan (figuratively and literally) and even though I could never call one food my favorite, french fries are definitely top ten worthy.
       I've had french fries from almost every fast food place you can imagine and even get them when I order Chinese food.  However, there has always been one consistent issue that has been managed to be looked over for years, Ketchup Packets.  Like we all know they suck.  They are awkward to open, messy, you need at least 10 for one sitting, and they simply just don't bring anything to the table.  Furthermore, when I went to Italy, they actually expected for us to pay the equivalent of 10 Cents per packet (Yeah, Alright BYE).  I personally love Wendy's approach with the pump ketchup and little Dixie cups to dip your fries in, but how do you spread that on your burger.  Well thanks for Heinz there is now a way...
       That's right, a dip and squeeze.  Not only that there is 3x more ketchup, solving the problem of having to grab a handful of ketchup packets (For Full Article).  The Heinz company realized a pattern that less people were buying french fries because it was hard to enjoy while driving and they couldn't have drivers not distracted, so in comes the dipping aspect.  This packet is still in testing and development and has been for years, but soon release is looking promising. 
      This my be a bold statement, but all I have to say is, Heinz family, you are true Americans.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dogs...That's right a Hotdog in a Pretzel

Alright, why not start with one of the most questionable items you can buy at a mall: The hot dog.  I have to admit, they are usually so questionable to the point you can't distinguish what it even is and I avoid purchases when in a group, due to the judgmental looks.  For that matter, hot dogs in general are pretty questionable even at cookouts, to which I opt for cheesebugers (hence the background).  Hotdogs are the running joke in the meat industry, being picked on by the chicken breast, rump roast, and the ulmighty steak.

The Simpsons just provide to much evidence to back up my opinion, they're a reputable source aren't they? 

But recently a friend told me I had to try an Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dog.  So, hey why the hell not.
At Auntie Anne's my usual purchase is a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a lemonade.  Which was an unbelievable combo I made years ago that I've refused to change since.  So, when the idea of a new choice was being made and a hot dog nonetheless, I didn't think it would be in anyway a positive one.  Not for now and not for later when my stomach had to deal with it.  I watched this little asian women, who I'm pretty sure recognizes me by now take out a hot dog and dip it in water.  She then began to wrap it in the pretzel dough.  I approached and asked for a regular pretzel dog, a lemonade and cheese to dip it in.  She greeted me and showed her two gold teeth and the gaps where the other ones were missing.  Questionable decision #489539 of the day?

Who thought a bun was too much work that they though bandaging it in a pretzel had to be done?  I don't think anyone will ever know...but that deserves some national/ worldwide recognition.  The combo of a hot dog, pretzel and cheese sauce is sinful, magical, with a hint of mystery.  The mystery being what the hell is a hot dog anyways, but who cares when it tastes this good.  The crunch of the pretzel illuminated the juiciness of the Nathan Famous Hot Dog and the artificial yellow of the cheese sauce made the experience even more disgustingly amazing.

I also go to thinking how perfect of a food this is to serve at a sporting event.  Like I can't be the only one who is in a constant debate whether or not to get a pretzler or a hot dog, right?  Anyone, Anyone? Bueller?

So yeah, normally I would feel a little bad about eating a mall hot dog.  In fact, I'd probably feel so bad I would drown myself with another mall rat thing to eat, which is usually fool proof. However, I think there is a certain kind of dispensation when it's wrapped in a pretzel....right?

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it." -Lawrence J. Peter


Monday, September 19, 2011

Why food?

       Ever since I was young, I have had a love of food.  I know for most people food is enjoyable, but I literally have a passion for it.  I have been cooking my entire life and trying new foods whenever I get the chance.  I used to watch Iron Chef whenever my uncle would babysit me and help my grandmother in the kitchen whenever we would have a family dinner.
       What I love most about food is not just about taste, its a sense of togetherness and a sign of love for those your cooking for.  Whenever there are parties or even a lunch break, being social relates to the food your eating.  How many times have you bit into your food and talked about how bad or how delicious it was to the people at your table.  Food relates to memories, to culture and to the core of who you are.  It can be as simple as Irish Bread and tea to extravagant as a four course meal and the finest wine.
       Now that I am a sophomore in college, I have encountered travesties dining halls can do to good products.  However, it has sent my knowledge of easy, affordable, maybe not so healthy food through the roof.  This is why I have chosen to blog about food you have to try while in college, while its still acceptable to eat such things.

This summer, my sister and I ran into Duff Goldman from 'Ace of Cakes'
filming his new show 'Sugar High' in Boston Commons

We were one of the few people who got to go up and order fried dough
from him, and make it on The Food Network...can you say dream come true?