Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heinz New Ketchup Packet: There is a God

       For those who didn't know September is National Potato Month, so why not wined down the month with a story on potatoes best friend, ketchup.  I am a huge french fry fan (figuratively and literally) and even though I could never call one food my favorite, french fries are definitely top ten worthy.
       I've had french fries from almost every fast food place you can imagine and even get them when I order Chinese food.  However, there has always been one consistent issue that has been managed to be looked over for years, Ketchup Packets.  Like we all know they suck.  They are awkward to open, messy, you need at least 10 for one sitting, and they simply just don't bring anything to the table.  Furthermore, when I went to Italy, they actually expected for us to pay the equivalent of 10 Cents per packet (Yeah, Alright BYE).  I personally love Wendy's approach with the pump ketchup and little Dixie cups to dip your fries in, but how do you spread that on your burger.  Well thanks for Heinz there is now a way...
       That's right, a dip and squeeze.  Not only that there is 3x more ketchup, solving the problem of having to grab a handful of ketchup packets (For Full Article).  The Heinz company realized a pattern that less people were buying french fries because it was hard to enjoy while driving and they couldn't have drivers not distracted, so in comes the dipping aspect.  This packet is still in testing and development and has been for years, but soon release is looking promising. 
      This my be a bold statement, but all I have to say is, Heinz family, you are true Americans.

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