Monday, September 19, 2011

Why food?

       Ever since I was young, I have had a love of food.  I know for most people food is enjoyable, but I literally have a passion for it.  I have been cooking my entire life and trying new foods whenever I get the chance.  I used to watch Iron Chef whenever my uncle would babysit me and help my grandmother in the kitchen whenever we would have a family dinner.
       What I love most about food is not just about taste, its a sense of togetherness and a sign of love for those your cooking for.  Whenever there are parties or even a lunch break, being social relates to the food your eating.  How many times have you bit into your food and talked about how bad or how delicious it was to the people at your table.  Food relates to memories, to culture and to the core of who you are.  It can be as simple as Irish Bread and tea to extravagant as a four course meal and the finest wine.
       Now that I am a sophomore in college, I have encountered travesties dining halls can do to good products.  However, it has sent my knowledge of easy, affordable, maybe not so healthy food through the roof.  This is why I have chosen to blog about food you have to try while in college, while its still acceptable to eat such things.

This summer, my sister and I ran into Duff Goldman from 'Ace of Cakes'
filming his new show 'Sugar High' in Boston Commons

We were one of the few people who got to go up and order fried dough
from him, and make it on The Food Network...can you say dream come true?


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  1. HAHAHA Ellen you are so funny, and I can personally say that as someone who likes to keep up with current events, food is ALWAYS on people's minds. The way you have such a passion for food will definitely catch people's attention, and inspire them to go experience the taste for themselves! Food network! So cool!