Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dogs...That's right a Hotdog in a Pretzel

Alright, why not start with one of the most questionable items you can buy at a mall: The hot dog.  I have to admit, they are usually so questionable to the point you can't distinguish what it even is and I avoid purchases when in a group, due to the judgmental looks.  For that matter, hot dogs in general are pretty questionable even at cookouts, to which I opt for cheesebugers (hence the background).  Hotdogs are the running joke in the meat industry, being picked on by the chicken breast, rump roast, and the ulmighty steak.

The Simpsons just provide to much evidence to back up my opinion, they're a reputable source aren't they? 

But recently a friend told me I had to try an Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dog.  So, hey why the hell not.
At Auntie Anne's my usual purchase is a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a lemonade.  Which was an unbelievable combo I made years ago that I've refused to change since.  So, when the idea of a new choice was being made and a hot dog nonetheless, I didn't think it would be in anyway a positive one.  Not for now and not for later when my stomach had to deal with it.  I watched this little asian women, who I'm pretty sure recognizes me by now take out a hot dog and dip it in water.  She then began to wrap it in the pretzel dough.  I approached and asked for a regular pretzel dog, a lemonade and cheese to dip it in.  She greeted me and showed her two gold teeth and the gaps where the other ones were missing.  Questionable decision #489539 of the day?

Who thought a bun was too much work that they though bandaging it in a pretzel had to be done?  I don't think anyone will ever know...but that deserves some national/ worldwide recognition.  The combo of a hot dog, pretzel and cheese sauce is sinful, magical, with a hint of mystery.  The mystery being what the hell is a hot dog anyways, but who cares when it tastes this good.  The crunch of the pretzel illuminated the juiciness of the Nathan Famous Hot Dog and the artificial yellow of the cheese sauce made the experience even more disgustingly amazing.

I also go to thinking how perfect of a food this is to serve at a sporting event.  Like I can't be the only one who is in a constant debate whether or not to get a pretzler or a hot dog, right?  Anyone, Anyone? Bueller?

So yeah, normally I would feel a little bad about eating a mall hot dog.  In fact, I'd probably feel so bad I would drown myself with another mall rat thing to eat, which is usually fool proof. However, I think there is a certain kind of dispensation when it's wrapped in a pretzel....right?

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it." -Lawrence J. Peter



  1. I just try not to think about what's in hot dogs, since I readily admit that they're one of my favorite guilty pleasure foods :) I have a feeling I'd enjoy that Auntie Anne's kind!

    - Maggie

  2. It's almost the elephant in the room of guilty pleasures because everyone loves them, but everyone claims not to! Thanks for the comment!